Some say power is when you are able to destroy someone and completely sure that he stays that way permanently.
Scratch destroy. I meant overkill.
Crush his body, crush his reputation, crush his loved ones, and there you have it. Overkill with ice cream on top.

But in my opinion, that kind of power is extremely fragile.
That power only exists by the help of someone whom you overkilled.
Embarrassing, I must say.

So, what determines power?
You are powerful only if you are aware that there’s actually an option to overkill or not.
Which, by the way, usually ends up with you not overkilling someone.

And why is that?
It’s because you rule the fate of that person, and your own fate as well.

Nothing could be ever more satisfying than having a direct control over two people at the same time.

That, if by any chance you already mastered it perfectly, I must say it proudly, you are a truly powerful person.

Pondok Indah – SCBD muse


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