One life to live … but which one?

People say, “Live for yourself.” When others live that way, what does that do to their relationship with you?

“Be true to yourself.” What if your “self” is a mess? Is there something larger than oneself – something, or better, someone, really worth living for?

Many live for their dreams. But if dreams fail, where do they turn?

People say, “Follow your heart.” How can you follow a heart that is shattered? Do you find that your feelings become confused? Can we look beyond ourselves to something more dependable than being “only human”?

Life spills away like water. What’s the purpose? To feed a body that just dies too soon? Is there more to reality than this surface view?

People say, “Follow our religion.” Yet, for many, their choices were made for them. They were born into the beliefs where they happen to live and learn. They haven’t actually reached their own conclusions.

What if they had been born in another place with different ideas? They would respect those other beliefs. But would that make them true or good?

Quoted from WBS – One Life to Live


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