This Is Love

I have decided to set my definition of love into the highest standard.

And thankfully, it’s a lifetime course, because this one is toughly unnatural, ego-stomping and might falsely seen as idiocy.

But I no longer want to conform in the worldly standards anymore, for it has badly failed me multiple times.

Time to try the other way around.

Because only an idiot will walk the same path over and over again while fully realizing that the good old path only brings nothing but failure.

Love—embrace with the most tender goodwill, the most earnest and cordial affection, the most inflamed desires of preventing or removing all evil and bringing every possible good.

Your neighbor—not only your friends, kinfolk, or acquaintances; not only the virtuous ones who regard you, who extend or return your kindness, but every person, not excluding those you have never seen or know by name; not excluding those you know to be evil and unthankful, those who despitefully use you.

Even those you shall love as yourself with the same invariable thirst after their happiness.

Use the same unwearied care to screen them from whatever might grieve or hurt either their soul or body.

This is love.

From John Wesley


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