Major Hurts


In the past month, I have a total of three people who hurt me.

And one particular person crossed my line of forgiveness, which made me question what is the real definition of forgiving someone.

Is it a one-time event, or multiple actions that must be repeated each time I remember the pain?

And so my best friend of mine asked me what I am going to do with the hurt.

And so I asked myself.

What is my opinion about hurt in life?

In the end, I will always forgive the person and forget all the hurt.

Hate is never an option.

Revenge is not even a meaningful word for me.

No one deserve any hate nor revenge.

What started with love will end with love.

That is my policy.

Those who are very dear to me knows that it is what makes me, me.

There is always more love than hurt in my life.

I won’t let hurt hurt me.

No one, and no circumstances whatsoever, can ever change the way I am.


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