Muse: Christophe Goze – Promenade With Satie

Ah, Satie-sama.

If it’s your otherworldly, cosmic song that I chose as my muse today, you know what I’m going to write :)

Well, a friend asked me to write something. About anything.

He said he misses the way I play with words. The style I used when I boldly stated whatever I had in mind, fearlessly create opinions on things I like and dislike, and being calmly comfortable to do so.

So, I asked him, what should I write? He said, just something simple, your heart for example, or anything inside your mind.

For one moment, I honestly said to him that I also miss the way I messed things up with words. I miss the way I let loose my melancholy side and chew every words in my mind.

Since we all talked about relationship today, I’m going to pour out my opinion and write things about it.

Case #1. A friend was going to meet her date for the first time. She was intentionally late, so the guy will be sitting and waiting for her, and can see her walking elegantly and gracefully when she finally came. Men should be made mesmerized from afar.

My opinion: Being late is rude. Intentionally nor unintentionally. Why make someone wait when you are not late, just to be adored from afar? I can imagine the guy was thinking “okay she’s late, BUT WOW SHE IS SUPER GORGEOUS so yeah she can be late for as long as she likes!” Oh man. I don’t play games, it’s a waste of time. The proper thing to do is apologize sincerely when you are late and if the guy is actually awed by your prowess, then by all means, enjoy it. But I don’t think it’s appropriate to let someone wait for unreasonable reason. I don’t know, maybe many guys will disagree with me and prefer a lady to be adored from afar no matter how late she is, but I view time as currency, it’s even more important than money sometimes. So yeah.

Other friends opinion: 1 female agreed with me by saying that playing games is important, but taking it as far as being late is not funny. 1 male extremely agreed with me and appreciated my thought and think that I was very a reasonable person. 1 female disagreed by saying that a woman should never wait for a man.

Case #2. If the guy is late, for whatever reason, leave. And never see him again. A girl shouldn’t wait for a guy. Period.

My opinion: Oh right. So the guy was late because maybe he was having serious problem in his office. Or something went wrong with his business and he must settle it ASAP. Or his family is in trouble. Or his car won’t start. Or he left his wallet somewhere and can’t go anywhere. Or he got sick. Or he can’t find a parking lot. Or he got stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident. Or he was being a good man helping someone along the road. Or being a superhero and save the world while you were sipping coffee and scheming to leave him. I can point out thousand scenarios of “why a guy is late”, or worse, “why a guy cancel your date”. And after all those possible troubles he went through and somehow managed to informed you that he will be late, the next thing you do is take a leave mercilessly and never want to see him again? You should be comforting him for popcorn’s sake!! Why should you add more problem to someone who is already troubled, tired and feeling guilty? That’s not fair. If he’s being serious about seeing you for whatever motives, be it just being polite and guilty for late, or just because seeing you makes him happy, he will inform you ASAP and arrange a new time for another meeting, and surely will understand if you feel upset about it.

Other friends opinion: 1 male got hysterical while nodding on each of my words. 1 female started to rethink her thought, but fiercely stated that a guy is not always innocent, he could be lying and seeing another girl, just lazy to meet you and making excuses, etc. 2 females won’t change their mind, pointing out that the time wasted to wait for a guy can be spend to find another guy.

Since I’m training myself with the benefit of the doubt mindset and rely mostly on my intuition, whether a guy is lying or not depends on how well you know him, and whether or not you choose to trust him. Sometimes a relationship is at the mercy of your trust. Most people will act according to the amount of trust other people put unto them, though.

Well, yes, I agree that it’s going to hurt real bad if he’s unfaithful or lying and taking your trust for granted or misuse it. But at least the fault is not yours. And that’s another story about forgiveness and letting go of hurt and rejection.

Okay. That’s all for now. Two cases are many enough to make me feel like a weirdo.


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