A paradoxical thing about kindness is when you push it beyond the normal limit, people with get ignorant about it. But since you are kind, you’ll be kind anyway despite the ignorance. They will even go as far as labeling you as stupid for abusing such kindness.

Another funny thing is kindness often judged by having a bad ulterior motive behind it. So people who are unkind or guilty but kept being treated with constant kindness, will try to find any fault that will stop the overwhelming kindness, just to prove that there’s no such thing as pure kindness. Or they can be hostile by attacking at the first act of kindness. Or they can feel extremely guilty and ashamed by themselves and then pulling away from that source of kindness that they feel they don’t deserve.

The question is, should one still be kind, being it is the most overused advice ever (“be kind”) and the one of the highly respected attitude, if the cost of kindness is ignorance, humiliation, hostility and loneliness?

Maybe kindness isn’t stupid. Maybe it’s just an act of choice by deciding to keep doing the right thing despite of the high price that will surely put a huge scar on the ego. Most people will think that anything that scratches their ego is stupid, therefore being kind is unpopular as it’s standing in the line between “nice” and “stupid”.



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