A Proud INFJ :)


This is obviously written by an INFJ. A very well-written passage.

Long-written, because we are very adept at words, especially when we need to express our feelings.
Since we are introverts with only selected people to trust, verbal expression is the quickest and safest way to know ourselves better.

Even though we can read people easily like pyschic, we absolutely have no clue about our own feelings until we expressed it outside our mind. This is why we talked about our feelings to others for hours, not because we just want to talk, but literally because we don’t know what’s going on inside us. Feedback from friends or reading our old writings are the best way to know ourselves.

Believe me, the ability to read people is a double-edged sword. Who wants to know that the ones you love no longer in love with you? Or knowing that your friends are being insincere? Or meeting new people who pretend to be hugely interested to become friends and what they’re after is just money or selling their products? All that happened before them knowing that you already know everything inside their mind.

This is why we value honesty and integrity the most. We can understand reasons behind liars, but since we sense fakeness and dishonesty like a black ink over white paper, it’s best to stay to true, because we are very forgiving as we put love as the center of our life. Once we knew that the person respects us enough to tell the truth and not trying to manipulate us, we will find the best solution to solve the conflict, usually with forgiveness.

And being a conflict-hater people, we don’t want to confront them by words nor action, and the worst thing that we could do is doorslamming them. It’s just because our intuition is too powerful it makes our head hurt and we need to shut it down in the most non aggressive way.

We address our feelings in a blunt yet affectionate way, because we really hate conflicts and we believe that life should be all fluffy and lovely.

We will try our best not to hurt others, because we thrive from making others happy. We will die if we hurt the ones we love.
This is the fear most INFJ have: accidentally hurting the ones they love.

Because for us, human relationship is very crucial. We feel it to the point we overanalyzed it. We want to make sure everyone’s safe and happy.

Love is both our power when we interact with others, yet also our weakness when we got hurt by others.

Nevertheless, we always take love seriously, and I personally won’t apologize for being so.

We are more than willing to sacrifice our lives for the love that we deem worthy, and this is the greatest thing for being an INFJ.


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