A Pair of New Shoes

At first, her wish sounded really simple.

A pair of new shoes.

It´s even too trivial to be considered as a wish.

Any girl can just go to a shoe store and choose the one she likes.

She doesn´t even specify the price for the shoes. Nor the model. Even the colors.

But she knows exactly why she asked her almighty God, who is capable of giving her the whole world if she demanded so, for just a pair of new shoes.

She has way too many wishes. The great big ones. Wishes that yet became true.

But in the end, she acknowledges that her God will gave her anything when she truly needs it.

And she respects the way her God works.

So, patiently, she waits.

And decided to believe.

A pair of new shoes, is the simplest wish she could ask beyond every other essential things for her survival.

A pair of new shoes, is the only way for her to tell her God that she believes her exact needs will be fully provided,

just in time;

without asking,

without doubting.


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