There was this time when I finally got extremely irritated by the coffee menu at every cafe here in my city.

No, not because they didn’t serve the kind of coffee that I want, but it’s because I don’t understand most of the menu. I mean, Ristretto? Lungo? I don’t speak coffee. Maybe it’s Italian. Anyway, I feel really weird ordering things that I don’t understand.

Not to mention all of the different kind of beans and brewing method like syphon, cold brew, pour over, V60… I feel like I’m the stupidest person in that cafe LOL

What about that eye-opener effect of caffeine? Nah, coffee makes me feel drowsy instead. Yes, drinking coffee to prevent drowsiness won’t work for me, so I drink coffee just for my own pleasure.

Well, I still got that jittery effect if I drank too much though. Well, seriously, I can sleep right away after a double shot espresso.

In order to feel a little less idiotic whenever I entered a coffee shop, I decided to educate myself about coffee. Wikipedia was a good start, followed by other special coffee sites. Now I know what Ristretto and Lungo is. And Flat White. And many kind of brewing methods. And I’m happy.

I no longer feel overwhelmed with all the Italian words, different kind of beans and all the brewing machines. Now I can truly enjoy my visit to coffee shops.

Recently, I started to try different kind of coffee from various coffee shops. I’m not a brand fanatic, and of course, I’m still a beginner coffee enthusiast, so I will try any kind of coffee from every coffee shop I found.

  • Cold Brew Black Coffee at Toodz House. I never thought a black coffee won’t taste bitter and sour at all! I’m not really fond of coffee because many times it tastes really sour. But this one is really awesome. I’m glad I started my coffee journey with this one.
  • Caffe Latte at Anomali Coffee. Extremely milky, soft and smooth. I love milk, so I like this one! But somehow if I really want a cup of coffee, I prefer the black one.
  • Piccolo Latte at Djournal. I reallyyyy like this one!! Milky and strong at the same time.
  • Long Black at Djournal. Mild.
  • Cappuccino at Coffee Bean. Tasty with mild flavor. But I don’t like cappuccino because of the forth, it’s somewhat ticklish and messy haha…
  • White Chocolate Mocha at Cuppa Coffee. It’s like a syrupy caffe latte, in a good way. I like the mild roasted coffee flavor with the enhanced buttery milk flavor. Delicious!
  • Koffie Taloea Boekittinggi at Kopi Oey. I bought this because it’s the only type of coffee that is different from the rest. I don’t like it because it was too eggy, like eating the upper layer of freshly-baked sponge cake. And I put too much lime…
  • Ristretto Bianco at Starbucks. This one is really nice. A little bit bitter but perfect for me.
  • Black Coffee at Bengawan Solo. Hands down my favorite coffee in Jakarta. Even the Java Avocado is perfect.
  • Flat White at McCafe. It tastes like Cappuccino, slightly more bitter though.
  • Double Espresso at Hosa. Nice but a little bit too bitter for me.
  • Mocha Java at Coffee Club. Ah.. the black coffee for ladies, as written in the menu. Not too bitter.
  • Single Origin Sumatra Lintong at La Tazza. It has a fruity taste, like a peach.
  • Aceh Gayo at Gayo Coffee. Really strong.
  • Papua Wamena at The People’s Cafe. Mild at first and then the taste lingers on your tongue for quite some time haha…
  • Black Toraja at Seven Eleven. Surprisingly nice and mild!
  • White Coffee at Seven Eleven. It’s sweet and tastes like peanut.
  • Caffe Latte Original at Dunkin’ Donuts. Not as milky as Anomali’s, but I still like it!

Already made plans with friends to visit the trending coffee shops like ABCD, Crematology, Tanamera, 1/15, Trafique, Giyanti, etc. Can’t wait!


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