10 Days of Real Food Challenge

I’m in this state of having the need to lose only 8 kg more to reach my body weight target. I’m still on the ideal range of body weight, but I’ve been doing this on-off diet for like 1 year already, even though I had a wonderful experience of losing 30 kg in just 6 months. Somehow I just can’t shed these last 8 kgs.

So what went wrong?

I know that I’m not being too strict on my diet now. I LOVE cakes. Breads. All that good stuff. And lack of motivation, of course. And I also have this weird mindset stuck in my head: I can compromise my diet by doing more exercise. Which I know is NOT TRUE at all if I want to lose fat.

So, in order to finally lose the persistent 8 kgs, I planned a lot of things, including doing the NerdFitness and Blogilates challenges which starts at the same time (Nov 10th), and also the craziest of all: the 10 Days of Real Food Challenge.

I hope now you know why I called it crazy. No sugar. No breads. No cakes. OMG.

But it’s only for 10 days.

Plus, they have a lovely silicone wristband as a gift if I succeeded on completing this challenge.

Now THAT’S a motivation. Yes, I’m easily driven by rewards.

I’m planning to post my 10 Days of Real Food Challenge updates here, so I can hold myself accountable.

I did this before, and I know I can do it again. It’s just 10 days. And it’s just 8 kgs left

I’m so gonna that green wristband :)


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