Silence is Golden?

There are quite a few times, no, many times, actually, that I prefer to keep myself silent, especially over a controversial issue.

Not because I’m afraid to speak my mind, but rather because I don’t like to get myself into a conflict.

That was what I thought until today.

I decided to speak about a current issue, and no, not for stating my opinion, but purely because I was confused and need solid facts from people who has the competency to provide me some.

But then, as I predicted, it was treated as an opinion.

Yes, that was when I thought that ‘oh, that’s why I always keep my silence-is-golden policy over controversial issue’.

Because I don’t handle prejudice really well.

And I don’t want to be bothered by straightening things up and all that.

And of course, I hate conflicts.

So, it was more like, silence-is-golden suits my personality best. It’s just my thing.

But no regrets, I’ve tried to get out of my comfort zone by being noisy, so whenever I doubt myself again about whether I should keep my silence or not, I can let myself remember today.

I can’t say that I won’t betray my silence-is-golden policy, since knowing myself, I could just do something totally-not-me just because I think it would be fun or satisfy my curiosity.

Well, good experience, nonetheless.


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