Revamping My Gadgets

asus zenfone 4


Few months ago, I broke my favorite phone, Nokia Lumia 800.

Yes, I know it’s old, and yes, I know it’s Windows Phone with such little love to receive. Moreover, it’s Windows Phone 7. Not 8. So..

That unbreakable Gorilla Glass just shattered when my phone slammed the road right on the monitor. Amazingly, the phone still functioned well.. until two days ago.

I don’t know what happened, but my Lumia got hanged and won’t show the home screen. I waited a day but nothing changes. I was not in the mood to repair it, because I know it will cost me more than a million to fix everything up.

Might as well get a new phone, right?

I’m not a huge fan of Android, because I think the UI is not that user-friendly. I had experience with the first generation of Galaxy Mini, it’s a decent phone but still too confusing for me. Back then I didn’t realized maybe it was Samsung UI’s that got me confused.

Being cornered by not having a phone, I need to buy a new one ASAP.

And after reviewing some low budget phones (aside from I only allocated around 1 million for buying new phone, I have a thing for cheap yet decent gadgets FYI), my choices narrowed down to ASUS Zenfone 4 and Acer Liquid Z4. ASUS with its Intel stuff and lovely Gorilla Glass is better in everything, but of course, Acer with its 5MP camera is like half a million cheaper.

Yesterday I called every gadget stores around my area, and sadly they ran out of stock for Acer Liquid Z4. And there was only one store that sells ASUS Zenfone 4 so I went there instantly and proudly took my shiny new Zenfone 4 home.

Today I can say that it’s clearly and underpriced awesome phone. I also love the ZenUI.

I remembered 9 years ago I was so obsessed with buying ASUS PDA, now finally I can own an ASUS phone haha…

Now I can say my love for Android has grown and going strong, perhaps because I was stuck at Windows Phone 7 all this time. There’s no great apps there and even Microsoft discontinued their support for Skype.

Really, it’s a good time to move on.


I own an iPad 2 for more than a year now. And I like it.

But it’s still a gadget that makes me think about its usefulness.

After having an Android smartphone, I begin to think that perhaps I use my iPad to compensate the lack of apps on my previous Lumia 800.

Now with my smartphone, I can use almost every apps I have in my iPad.

So, is tablet really a necessity for me?

Most of the time I even complained about carrying laptop, tablet and phone at the same time. iPad 2 is quite heavy, and even though my MacBook Air is already thin, I think I’m going to have a bad shoulder injury if I keep carrying the holy trinity of laptop – tablet – smartphone everywhere I go.

And stop saying that I’m a lady so I can just shove everything inside my bag. Not all ladies bags are big enough to carry stuff like that lol!

So I’ll try to stop using my iPad 2 for 3 days and see whether I can survive with it or not.

If I can, I’ll sell it off and use the money for buying a new smartphone with bigger screen but still appropriate enough to put near my ears for making calls.


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