Miles Away

For #ngabubuwrite

Theme: Return

Nakamise-dori, Tokyo

Dear Fantastico,

Who knew we could ever go back to our beloved Land of the Rising Sun?

We dragged our feet enthusiastically, fully realizing deep inside that it will be almost suicidal for us when it’s time to go home.

Yet we go anyway.

To die or not can be decided later.


Do you know why returning home doesn’t sound too appealing?

Because what I want, is over there.

Miles away from here.

From our home.


I want to go back.

Revisiting those bubbly hundreds of minutes over and over again until I cracked my head.

It’s been playing in my mind like a broken kaleidoscope.

If only I can preserve the time and put it in a music box, I will sing my own lullaby and carved my own box.


What I’m planning to do next could be the most YOLO thing I ever did in my life.

There is no coming back.

No reset button.

After that, it will be the point of no return.


Why am I doing thing that has slim to none chance of success?

Why going into the direction that will crush and won’t return me to our comfort house?


Maybe, because I have no intention of going back, despite of all the bitter consequences.





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