Blogilates: Eat Clean Train Dirty

Still in the spirit of losing fat, I feel like I need to post more about my recent fitness activity.

Yesterday I blogged about my virtual fitness motivator, Steve Kamb from NerdFitness. Now let me introduce you to my virtual personal trainer, Cassey Ho from Blogilates.

I discovered Blogilates POP Pilates when I was looking for some stretching videos. I instantly liked the way Cassey encouraged me doing the stretch routine and her funny girly topics.

She’s the best trainer I ever had. I mean, who else is talking about the nail polish or hair colors while doing shoulder tap push ups? XD And working out using brooms, paper plates, and a pair of stilettos?!

The workouts consist of bodyweight/strength training with cardio/HIIT, and Cassey always use the latest pop song available XD

It may look super girly with pop cute workout titles (Victoria Secret workouts, Bikini Blaster, etc), but just give it a shot and you know perhaps most men won’t be able to do it. Trust me. I’m talking about doing 225 burpees in a single workout here.

Well, I was never interested in Pilates before. Back then, I didn’t know the difference between yoga and pilates, I thought they’re just the same lol~

But now, I really like Pilates moves (the ones without any equipment) because it’s mostly bodyweight/calisthenics exercise! Core has always been the weakest part in my body, so Pilates is the perfect workout to strengthen it.

My favorite feature on her blog is the monthly calendar!

It is designed differently each month so we won’t hit that horrible weight plateau.

I started out with the Beginner’s Workout Calendar. Looks so easy, but really, if you’re a total beginner, you should start with this one first before doing the regular monthly workout calendar.

I really love the way Cassey motivates us in every video, her bubbly personality will make you survive until the end, even though those squats are burning your legs so bad you won’t be able to walk properly tomorrow lol~

There are also many quick and easy healthy recipes on her blog! My favorite is Banana Pancake.

Some of the ingredients on the recipe list are expensive and hard to find in Indonesia, so we should be more creative about it haha~

She also designed cool stuff like clothes, yoga mat and water bottles on her online store: oGorgeous XD

I’m planning to stick with Blogilates workout routine for as long as I can, because it makes me stronger, recharged my mood, forcing myself to progress even more and I always feel happy after I finished all the workouts :)


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