NerdFitness: Level Up Your Life

This was the beginning of my fat loss journey.

Being a huge nerd on everything, especially video games, books and movies, Steve Kamb’s NerdFitness with its Star Wars and RPG references instantly captured my heart.

I’ve been reading his blog for quite some time, but never actually done anything. But on that fated day, I read the blog and something just snapped.

Steve is a very good motivator, and he addresses the most common issues related to diet, fitness and even how to be happy, nerd-style. Here are some of my favorite articles:


I remembered clearly that, at that time, my Just Dance Nintendo Wii workout need a huge upgrade. I wanted a heavier workout without having to pay for gym membership, or rather, I want a free and no-equipment workout routine.

That was when NerdFitness Beginner Bodyweight Workout (BBWW) started to haunt me.

The night before I decided to try the BBWW, I couldn’t sleep. I was scared. I mean, the routine was full of push ups, squats, lunges, all those uncomfortable moves I’ve never tried before!

Well, I was right, it was like taking a stroll at the tip of hell’s cliff. I was drenching in sweat within 30 minutes and got DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness, a.k.a super sore on the whole body) for days.

And I had to do BBWW for 3x a week, alternating with that mild and comfy Just Dance.

But then I got better and better. I started from wall push ups and now I can do regular push ups. Back then I can only do elbow-knee plank, and now I can proudly perform a 3-minutes hand-toe plank. Any workouts that defy gravity have become my secret obsession XD

Paleo Diet

NerdFitness also introduced me to Paleo diet, which is relatively easy for Indonesian people. All we need to do is cut the rice and noodles, that’s all! Wait, cut the rice/noodles?! Well, I do say “relatively easy” right? I’ve tried it and it truly works. I lose weight and feeling better and healthier.

But I won’t go 100% paleo, since I love rice, glutinous rice, noodles, vermicelli, dairy, all of those traditional Indonesian food XD

My experience in Japan proved that carbs is not my enemy. I ate rice, ramen, soba, udon and all the fantastic carbs stuff without gaining weight. Of course, I walked a lot and doing many physical activities back then, but still, for me, grain and dairy is not a problem for my health.


The best thing on NerdFitness is the community. Everyone there (the Rebels) are extremely helpful. No calorie-shaming, no body image-shaming and all that envious or “I’m da boss” attitude commonly found in other fitness forums. They’re very supportive and welcoming to newbies, no matter how out-of-shape you are and how clueless you are about diet and workouts.

What keeps me going is NerdFitness community’s challenge. We entered the challenge for 6 weeks, writing our own Main Quest (main goal) complete with action plans to accomplish it. I’ve been doing 3 challenges so far, and the results were awesome.

The cool nerdy part is the role-playing. We can enter different guilds, depending on which skill we love or want to train. There’s Warrior for weightlifters, Scout for runners, Ranger for CrossFitters, Druid for yogis, Monks for martial artists, Assassin for gymnasts/traceurs and Adventurer for beginners with weight loss as their goals.

Me? I started out as an Adventurer, but I’m an Assassin at heart XD

Bodyweight is my favorite type of exercise. It’s cheap, doesn’t require much time, can be done anywhere anytime with minimum to zero equipment, and as I’ve said before, defying gravity is just plain awesome.

I also got that Monk soul deep inside me, as I love doing Aikido and Muay Thai. I’m planning to re-enroll on the class again.


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