Amusement Park

There was little girl who came to a big amusement park with her Dad.

The amusement park was already closed, and the girl started to cry.

But then, her Dad whispered,

“There’s only one ride that’s still open for us.”

The little girl’s eyes lit up and wiped her tears.

Her Dad smiled.

“Since it’s only one, we may need some time to find it. But I will accompany you.”

The little girl smiled and started to run into the entrance.

She pointed at the carousel, but the horses already stopped turning.

She ran to the ferris wheel, but the lights were out.

She walked to the roller coaster, but it was also closed.

Her steps were getting slower, her legs started to hurt.

And then she started to cry because she was too exhausted.

She started to demand that one attraction his Dad promised will be opened only for them.

Her Dad tried to comfort her.

“Sweetheart, I’m sorry.”

He wept her tears while suppressing his own sadness, seeing her lovely daughter got hurt.

“Here, let me carry you.”

The girl sobbed, too tired to complain any further.

“See up there? Pretty stars, aren’t they?”

The girl stared at the sky, amazed by the twinkle, but she kept her mouth shut.

“…don’t worry. Stay with me and we’ll be there soon. I promise you.”


“I promise.”


The girl smiled, and gave her Dad the only thing that remained in her heart; her faith.


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