All The Jokes

2012-12-29 14:51:25

For some people, I lived the life with full of things they usually considered as jokes. Literally. Things they considered funny, laughable, non-sense and never-gonna-happen, is my reality.

Maybe I should feel hurt, but I already learned how to share the laugh and how to see things the way they see it, not the way I feel it anymore. Some are quite sensitive enough by not even smiling. Some are simply don’t care they keep laughing because everyone else were laughing.

Sometimes I agreed with them. Chuckling while writing the jokes of my life. How can all of these are completely real to me, and yet only a few bits of my life ever become part of reality of most people?

They say my life is exciting in every aspects. Little did they know that I once struggled to be ordinary hahaha..

But then, since my life is full of unique jokes, I might as well try to make it as fun as possible.

And I suddenly remembered the talk between me and my friend.

Friend: You are too objective.

Me: Huh?

Friend: Yes. Too objective you can even decide to be subjective.

Me: I never thought about it that way.

Friend: In fact, you can only be subjective after thinking objectively.

Me: You made me look complicated haha

Friend: You are complicated, yet simple, at the same time.

Me: That even made me look more complicated!

Friend: Well, you know, I envy you. How you can act crazy without losing logics and cautiousness.

Me: Hahaha…

Friend: Well, you’re such a kind person. I hope you meet many people who can appreciate the way you made your decisions.

A funny dialogue about how I made my decisions and an interesting point of view from a friend. It’s a serious topic though. I may look crazy, unpredictable and sometimes too slow at making decisions.

But only few people knew that I weighed each and every single consequences carefully and cautiously, and I rarely changed my mind after I made it up. I cling to my decision hahaha… yes I’m kinda stubborn.

Even though it’s quite predictable now, I wonder what kind of jokes will come up next?


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