For the3six5 Project: July 13, 2012

Note: This is my entry for the wonderful project of the3six5.

Today I feel better than few days before. I caught a cold and still in my recovery period. I’ve been sleeping in my bed and drinking hot cocoas these past 2 days.

It seems that social media has proven itself useful. I’ve been watching the news from the internet because I’m too lazy to drag my feet out of my room. The topics revolved around the everyday’s heavy traffic and comments about the Jakarta’s new governor campaign.

After spending a half an hour on my laptop, I’m back to my bed and thinking about the theme for my room at the new house. I will spend around 5 months here in the rented house before me and my family moved to the new house, located just a few blocks from here.

The new neighborhood is good enough for me, the road is better and the temperature is around 2 degrees cooler than my old neighborhood. The traffic is just the same, but the distance to the office is cut by half and we don’t need to pay for the highway anymore.

Well, it will be a very busy year of unpacking boxes and arguing about the bathroom model, but someone once told me: “wherever my family is, that’s home!”

It feels funny because I have lived my entire life in the old house, yet I don’t feel sad at all, even though I know that the old house will be demolished by the buyer.

Maybe that explains my feelings today. I’m glad we are still together, and the new house is indeed my new home.


Visit the3six5 project.


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