9 Interesting Things In Japan

These are few things I found interesting in Japan:

1. Crows. Crows are everywhere. Oh, and eagles too. Cities, mountains, I can hear their voice everywhere in Japan. It’s nice to see many birds here.

2. Stockings and socks. 90% of Japanese female wear stylish stockings. Ranging from the standard skin-color and black into a frilly, neon-colored socks.

3. Toilets. Yes, Japan has the most advanced technology for toilets, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a traditional squatting toilet there. Even in the ultra-modern Kyoto Station’s restroom, I still have to choose between 3 types of toilet: the western-style with spray buttons, standard western-style and the traditional japanese-style.

4. Train stations. Small stations are easy, but major station resembles complicated maze. Do not underestimate them! You need to carefully planned your time in the stations because they are huge. Even the Japanese people sometimes got lost if it was their first time going to that station. I have to pay extra attention which exit to take or which track to wait, a simple mistake can torture my legs from climbing the endless stairs of subways.

5. Umbrella. The colors are monochrome. It’s either black, grey, dark blue, or my favorite: transparent.

6. Helpful people. Everytime I got lost and tried to asked them for direction with a polite ‘sumimasen‘ and simple phrases like ‘…doko desu ka‘, Japanese people are the most helpful people I ever met. They even spent their precious time to make sure I was on the right track by accompanying me to the exact entrance of the place I was looking for. Sometimes they even tried their best to answer in English!

7. Kyoto. A lot of people thought that there are only temples in Kyoto. Actually, no. Kyoto is a very urban city and sometimes the beautiful temples are hiding behind the modern buildings.

8. Kyoto Station’s escalator queue line. In Tokyo, everyone lined up on the left side. In Osaka, people lined up on the right side. In Kyoto Station, it’s random. Sometimes people lined in the right side, and sometimes on the left side.

9. AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Well, as a medical doctor, I’m always happy seeing medical kits around :) Kudos to Japan for having this important live-saving cardiac emergency device scattered in almost every major station and sightseeing spot.


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