Kyoto and Nara: Sight Is Such A Wondrous Bliss

#FantasticoPlatonica: Favorite photos from my trip to Japan, and some personal reflections.

Dear Fantastico,

we need to be thankful for being a part of this magnificent universe.

Remember these precious moments we treasured deep in our hearts?

The joy of watching the sacred deers running carefree in the Nara Park,

got ourselves immersed in the vivid colors of Yoshikien Garden,

and letting ourselves engulfed by the calming gaze of Daibutsu in Todaiji?

When was the last time we ever felt so blessed for having such perfect five senses?

You don’t remember?

Well, let Kyoto be the place to remind us to start being thankful.

The majestic view of the thousands vermilion torii in Fushimi Inari Shrine,

the tragic story behind the splendid Kinkakuji,

and of course, the Path of Bamboo in Arashiyama.

The sweet “zawawa” sound of the whispering bamboos,

the soothing breeze that kissed our skin,

the nature’s scent that dwelled forever in our lungs,

the sensation of having our eyes peeled by such astonishing panorama,

and the taste of Mother Earth each time we opened our mouth to praise God for His wonderful creation.

My dear, dearest Fantastico,


don’t let ourselves failed to notice the wondrous bliss of the sight itself,

the beatitude of the one that displayed these tremendous views right in front of us.

So now, for the millionth time, let me ask you again:

have we already grateful for being a part of this magnificent universe?




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