Kobe and Osaka: The Sweet Finale

#FantasticoPlatonica: Favorite photos from my trip to Japan, and some personal reflections.

Dear Fantastico,


The Kobe.

We spent no more than 300 minutes in this place,

and yet this city already etched a permanent streak in our heart.

The teppanyaki lunch at Misono,

the ever-popular Kobe beef that made us swore not to eat (lower grade) beef anymore,

and the ferris wheel at the Kobe Harborland,

the one that we wished to share the front seat with our future significant other.

And finally,


The mighty Osaka Castle,

and the lively, shiny neon-lit Dotombori area.

The unexpected place where we suddenly contemplated about our trip to the Land of the Rising Sun,

the place where we declared ourselves to live forever or die happily,

and also the same place where our logic and emotion intertwined and finally created a proper consciousness.

We always seem to forget about this. And we need to be reminded over and over again.

Losing something,

has only taught us that possessing anything doesn’t correlate with happiness at all,

let alone with anything in this world.

We are the one who decide that we were, and we will, always be happy,

no matter how little, or how much we have.

Well, we learned it the hard way, didn’t we, dear Fantastico?

And yes, this whole trip itself was the grand prize for enduring those years of nothingness with patience and, of course, faith.





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